Metric vs. Imperial: Mercedes AMG GTR Gauge Faces Swapping Issue

Importing your dream car can be thrilling, but sometimes it comes with unexpected challenges.

Recently, we encountered a peculiar issue with the 2018 Mercedes AMG GTR, highlighting a surprising hiccup in its gauge faces.

Our client, who imported their AMG GTR from Europe, faced trouble when attempting to adapt the cluster gauge faces from kilometers to miles. What seemed like a straightforward task quickly revealed a hidden complexity inherent in Mercedes’ gauge design. 

Mercedes’ gauge faces may appear identical at first glance, whether displaying kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph). However, the true disparity comes out when the two are overlaid for comparison.

Consider the following: 30 km/h corresponds to 10 mph, 120 km/h aligns almost perfectly with 60 mph, and 150 km/h coincides with 80 mph. And when you convert the numbers, the differences become even clearer. What seems like 30 mph is actually 43 mph, and 60 mph turns into 77 mph.


These differences aren’t just a minor inconvenience. They can have serious consequences. While the speedometer suggests a relatively moderate pace, the reality could be vastly different. For instance, what appears to be 30 mph on the OEM mph speedometer equates to a startling 43 mph in the kmh cluster. Similarly, 60 mph transforms into 77 mph, which could lead to trouble with the law or even accidents because of inaccurate readings.


After carefully comparing numbers and studying how the Mercedes gauges work, we came up with a solution. We created adapted gauge faces that fix the problem. Our gauge faces are fully compatible with the EU km/h cluster, ensuring accurate speed representation across the entire range. But that’s not all. We also tweaked the BRAKE and PARK warning lights on the tachometer to comply with US rules, where they should be written out as words.

Left: OEM mph speedometer. Right: Our adapted for km/h clusters version. As you can see, the second half of the speed range looks almost the same, but the first half from 0 to 100 had to be significantly revised.

Mercedes AMG GTR Gauge Faces Set – EU (360 km/h) to US/UK (220 mph) Conversion
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The Mercedes AMG GTR’s gauge mix-up is a reminder that even small adjustments can uncover big problems. But we’re here to tackle those challenges head-on, making sure your car runs smoothly and safely, no matter where you drive it.

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