Porsche Style guide

Custom Color

We provide a diverse selection of colors for Porsche gauge faces. We produce all gauge faces, not just rev counters, including sport chrono as well. On our website, you’ll discover popular Porsche colors such as Black, White, Guards Red, and Racing Yellow. However, we can make any color you desire. Simply send us the color code or share a photo for reference, and we’ll create a template tailored to your preferences.

Classic Rings

You can notice the stunning sleek rings surrounding the numbers in numerous Porsche models, dating back to the air-cooled era. We consider this design a genuine classic and provide it in various colors. Our signature Retro Style Ring features a gray-green-red combination, reminiscent of the air-cooled Porsches. However, remember, we’re able to craft any color combination to suit your individual tastes


Essentially, 992 Design is an evolution of the Classic Rings Design, with the ring encircling the numbers appearing denser and more solid. This style particularly shines against a black or white background, though we’re flexible and can blend colors according to your preferences.


With a UPM scale and authentic German words like “OEL” and “DRUCK,” these retro designs capture the essence of Porsche’s early models, adding a touch of nostalgia to your dashboard.

RUF Collection

Featuring the distinctive RUF logotype and font, these gauge faces are perfect for RUF enthusiasts and those who appreciate the brand’s heritage.

Topographic Livery

Designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind, our topographic livery gauge faces are the perfect choice for Cayenne owners. Available in a variety of colors, this eye-catching design adds a fresh and dynamic element to your Porsche’s cluster.

Circular Numbers

Inspired by Porsche Kahn projects, these stylish designs feature numbers placed in a circle, creating a visually striking focal point in your Porsche’s interior.

Nurburgring Design

Experience the thrill of the world-famous Nurburgring every time you glance at your dashboard. These gauge faces features the iconic contours of the Nurburgring circuit, capturing its twists, turns, and legendary stretches.